Advertiser Solutions

TrafficHaus is an ad network delivering millions of ads daily in under 1 second.  Advertiser’s benefit from campaign management tools, streamlined additions, updates through automation, and integration of real-time data with planning and buying solutions.

TrafficHaus also offers quick and accurate tracking information for targeted traffic. Advertisers can see impressions delivered, review zone delivery and decide when and how to renew campaigns using current, up-to-date sales information.  With click tracking, CPM and cost revenue statistics, advertisers can understand each ad’s productivity, and evaluate when the creative should be changed.

Advertiser Opportunities

High Quality Users

The quality of our publications we represent reflects the quality of the traffic we offer. There is no other ad network that has the exclusive publisher relationships that we do. We guarantee you a level of quality that can’t be matched.

Billions of Impressions Daily

TrafficHaus and our parent company pride itself in its media representation of some of the largest publications in the world. We offer an array of ad zones across the top publications. We do not work with publications that use ad bots, or with injection companies.

Real Time CPM Bidding Platform

Real users, real bids, real quality traffic. Bid across thousands of ad units and billions of impressions in real time daily.

Scalable Ad Reporting

Our unique ad reporting interface and tools allow for multi-level reporting across targets, multi-column sorting for comparison reporting, real time analysis to keep your campaign optimized.

Multiple Ad Units

IAB standard ad units available across all platforms, Web, Wap, Mobile, Tablet.  Flash, Javascript, HTML, Text, and animated formats are supported. Those Ad Units and many more are available in the TrafficHaus platform. View our available ad units here.

Advanced Targeting

Devices (web/mobile/tablet), site, zone location, geo-location, categories, and keywords are some of the many tools we offer to maximize your ROI, and reach your intended consumer.


Our team is available 24/7 with unmatched and unwavering dedication to our clients and our company. We strive to support you in meeting your goals.

Consolidated Services

Integrating with our advertising and partners via our media representation has always been our goal.


Graphic design services are available to all of our advertisers. Our design team has extensive experience and education in web, tablet, mobile, architecture and design with a strong suite in logo and navigation presentation. For more information contact your representative.


Every publisher within the TrafficHaus network has been directly verified by one of our procurement experts. Our commitment to our advertisers and to our publishers is to provide a safe and secure advertising environment. While some of our competitors may work with Ad Injections, Click Farms, Bots, and Malware, we strive to keep that off of our network and others. For this reason, we partnered with products like Tube Layouts and DigiRegs, to provide a greater layer of security and control in the industry as a whole.

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